Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Ecovadis Sustainnability Rating Babcock Wanson Group (BWG), a leading international provider of industrial process heating equipment and solutions, recognizes its responsibility to contribute to global sustainability and is committed to generating positive impacts on society, the environment and its stakeholders. With over 60 years of experience, BWG is fully committed to empowering energy transition in industries and upholding ethical standards in all its operations.
United Nations Global Compact Since 2023, Babcock Wanson has supported the United Nations Global Compact, the largest international initiative on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

The Global Compact is a call to companies around the world to align their practices and strategies with ten universal principles, derived from the fundamental texts of the United Nations, in the areas of human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption.

1. Mission and Beliefs At the heart of BWG’s mission is the commitment to contribute to global sustainability by playing a leading role in the energy transition of industries. This mission is built on the following 3 deep convictions: I. “Bring a positive contribution to our world,” II. ” What does not grow will start dying,” III. “The company has to be a place of self-fulfillment.”

2. CSR Strategy and Priorities

BWG’s CSR strategy is structured around 12 social and environmental priorities that guide its actions and decisions. These priorities act as the bedrock of our concrete initiatives, reflecting our mission:


3. Engagement with Stakeholders

At BWG, we recognize that our journey towards responsible and sustainable business practices requires transparent collaboration with our key stakeholders.

We recognize the importance of the following stakeholders in our efforts:

  • Our Employees: BWG recognizes its employees as its most valuable asset and is committed to providing a stimulating and rewarding work environment. This includes opportunities for skill development, career advancement, and personal growth within an inclusive and diverse atmosphere.
  • Our Customers: We are committed to meet the expectations of our customers by offering innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. We actively anticipate their CSR expectations, ensuring that our products are aligned with their sustainability objectives.
  • Our suppliers: We pay the greatest attention to social and environmental criteria in our purchasing processes for our goods and services: compliance with our code of conduct by suppliers, inclusion of vulnerable groups, respect for the environment in the origin of materials and in the transformation processes… We also promote the “local” economy to work in a living and dynamic economic ecosystem.
  • Shareholders: We value the trust and investment of our shareholders in our vision. Our responsible communication keeps them informed of our CSR practices, ensuring alignment with their values.
  • Territories and our world: Our ongoing efforts to build products that reduce Carbon and NOx emissions are in favor of a positive global impact. More locally, we maintain close ties with the territories where our factories are located, such as Nérac and Lamballe (FR), Utrecht (NL), Flekkefjord (NO) and Cavenago (IT). We aim to have a positive impact on these territories through direct and indirect employment, the development of local purchases as well as our involvement in educational, associative and cultural partnerships.

4. Product Innovation and Sustainable Solutions

We take responsibility for our own emissions as well as those associated with our products. This responsibility guides our determination to minimize our carbon footprint through innovation, operational excellence and sustainable sourcing practices.

We believe in collaborative research and development, working with territorial and national entities to collectively contribute to the improvement of the environment.

Our Development and Innovation Committee oversees research and development efforts, such as:

  1. Exploration of hydrogen boiler solutions.
  2. The advancement of 100% electric or hybrid boiler technologies.
  3. Continuous improvement in the performance of our burners.

Energy Efficiency

The easiest and quickest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to use less energy to produce goods and services. Every percentage increase in energy efficiency reduces emissions by an equal percentage.

  • We are designers and manufacturers of our boilers, burners and water treatment plant, which allows us to maximize performance and minimize the energy used in the processes. We are thus able to offer our customers a boiler room meeting the most ambitious sustainable development objectives.
  • For existing boilers, we offer high-efficiency economizers and other heat-recovery solutions that increase system efficiency by at least by 5%.
  • Advanced controls are another way to help equipment return to its original efficiency at start-up, and intelligent monitoring systems such as NavInergy Connected Boiler solutions ensure a boiler system remains optimized. Associated with a maintenance contract tailored made for each of our customers, we can ensure the optimization of the operation of the boiler room throughout the life of the boiler.


CO2, NOx & VOCs reduction

We have developed many products and solutions to reduce air pollution levels in existing installations. Our engineers and development teams are fully focused on providing a solution to all industrial requests.

  • Through cutting-edge burner designs and integrated data management platforms like NavInergy for optimized performance we can identify emissions-reduction opportunities and drive strategies to help meet all customers environmental goals or tighter regulations.
  • We lead the industry in technical innovations. Our engineers designed the Modulo+ range of burners and Good Loop device, the lowest emissions firetube boiler ever built, and our custom designed burners can reach a level of NOX< 30mg /Nm3.
  • Thanks to our Environmental Technologies Division, we are able to supply advanced emission reduction technologies, such as thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidizers that can eliminate up to 99% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


Re-using of key products like water or certain chemical products contributes to meet national policy drivers, reduces demand on finite natural resources, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and adjusts waste management expenses.

  • Treated Wastewater can be an effective alternative water supply. With several EU countries increasingly suffering from droughts, reusing water wasted during processes in industrial plants can help to address water scarcity.

Babcock Wanson offers a range of membrane-based equipment to support such needs in the industry and promotes solutions optimizing recovery rates to reduce water consumption. Moreover, thanks to our customized water recycling systems, we can reduce the demand for fresh water as well as the reject of wastewater.

  •  Our Environmental Technologies Division delivers Solvent Recovery Systems that can achieve very high purity levels for the solvents that can be reused in, eliminating therefore the CO2 footprint generated by the combustion phase of the classic Thermal Oxidizers solutions.

CO2 Elimination

We help companies reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide output and phase out fossil fuels on their path to achieving zero emissions. Electrification, powered in whole or in part by renewable sources, is increasingly being used to replace carbon-intensive combustion technologies.

  • Electric and electrode boilers are 100% local emissions-free and highly efficient at all operating points. They are also safer because there are no flames, fumes, fuel lines or storage tanks.

As the leading company in Europe for the design, manufacturing and supply of electric and electrode boilers, with our Parat brand, we can provide you with an answer to your needs, whatever the power or pressure required.

The supply of electric boilers allows us to massively decarbonize industrial sites and the production of steam or hot water for district heating networks.

  • Burning a renewable fuel is another option. Our packaged burners have been burning renewable fuels for decades.

Regardless of the type of renewable fuel customers want to burn, we have developed innovative technologies to help you transition their boiler from fossil fuels.

We have longue experiences now with customers burning ethanol, biodiesel, biogas fuel, among others. Unlike fossil fuels, which will be limited in supply in time, biofuels are produced from renewable feedstocks and can be sustained indefinitely.

  • Green hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in electricity and industrial processes. In fact, green hydrogen is touted as the backbone of a sustainable CO2-free energy sector. Hydrogen is an emerging solution. It is carbon-free and has the potential to provide clean power for industrial and manufacturing processes.

5. Commitment to ethics and compliance

Babcock-Wanson Group is committed to high standards of ethics and integrity in all of its business operations and expects that all its employees, officers, and directors will comply with the word and spirit of every applicable law or regulation in the countries and localities in which we operate.

The Group has adopted a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to which all BW Group employees, officers, and directors are required to adhere. This Code provides standards to deter improper actions and promote honest, ethical, and responsible conduct; compliance with applicable laws and regulations; prompt internal reporting of violations; and individual accountability.

6. Conclusion

Babcock Wanson Group remains dedicated to its CSR strategy and commitments, with an unwavering focus on fostering sustainability, innovation, and positive societal impact. Through its products, values and actions, BWG aims to lead the way in energy transition and environmental responsibility in the industrial sector.