Through its strong brands, the Babcock Wanson Group offers tailor-made solutions for all type of steam generation needs, while providing energy savings, safety and reliability. The group offers a range of steam boilers and industrial burners whose performance standards are always at the cutting edge of innovation providing the best efficiency and targeting the lowest level of emissions.

With over 100 years' experience, Babcock Wanson is a leading international supplier of boiler room equipment and solutions.


Standard Fasel is a leader in sustainable innovation in steam technology with a long-standing experience in making traditional systems more sustainable, in electrification, alternative fuels and various hybrid forms.


Based in Flekkefjord (southern Norway) since 1842, Parat is a long-standing Norwegian player in the field of industrial and marine boilers, with a particular focus on high-power electric boilers (electrode boilers).


PBS Power Equipment ("PBS") is a Czech company based in Trebic, renowned for its high-quality industrial burners and boilers throughout Eastern Europe.


VKK Group is a leading and innovative player in the German industrial boiler market. The company offers an expertise in high power boilers that gives it a strong competitive advantage.

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With its brands dedicated to thermal oxidation and VOC treatment, the Babcock Wanson Group aims to be an essential partner for industrial players in order to help them reducing the impact of their activities on the environment even while recycling solvant when feasable.

Donau Carbon Technologies is an Italian company based in the Como region since 1981. It operates in the field of air treatment, supplying solvent recovery plants and thermal oxidation plants for the destruction of VOCs.


With over 350 thermal oxidisers installed worldwide, Babcock Wanson has unrivalled expertise in thermal oxidation technology.

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The Babcock Wanson Group brings together expert brands in industrial process heating and large volume industrial space heating systems. Energy efficiency, low environmental impact, reliability and longevity, we strive to offer tailor made solutions to our clients in order to reduce their energy consumption.

Babcock Wanson has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of direct and indirect heating systems for a wide range of industrial drying applications.


Thermigas is a french leading player in the heating of industrial process fluids with its flagship product, the high-efficiency gas immersion heater, which is available for many industrial applications to meet all hot water requirements.

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Through an overall or dedicated approach, Babcock Wanson Group offers high quality water treatment services to its clients for both industrial process water or facilities water in accordance with the highest standards.

Thousands of installations around the world have already benefited from Babcock Wanson's unique expertise in water treatment for industrial uses.



The Babcock Wanson Group’s commitment to quality goes far beyond the product. Our brands and service partners are committed to their customers on a daily basis to ensure that their equipment operates as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.