Babcock Wanson Group joins the United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact - Sustainable Goals

At the end of 2023, Babcock Wanson Group joined the United Nations Global Compact, the largest international initiative for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

The Global Compact is a call to companies around the world to align their practices and strategies with ten universal principles, derived from the fundamental texts of the United Nations, in the areas of human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption. By joining the Global Compact, we commit to respecting these principles and contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to respond to the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.

This is in line with our raison d’être, which is based on our commitment to help make the world a better place by being a powerful force for energy transition in industry.

By joining the Global Compact, we become part of a network of over 19,000 members, based in 164 countries, who share the same vision of a more sustainable and inclusive world.

This network will provide us with a framework for exchange and learning, as well as tools and resources to strengthen our CSR performance and report on our progress. The Babcock Wanson Group, a major European player in the energy transition and supplier of equipment and solutions for industrial boiler rooms, is delighted to be taking this next step in our commitment to responsibility.