VKK Group joins Babcock Wanson Group

VKK Rejoint Babcock Wanson Group

Babcock Wanson Group builds its presence in Germany through the acquisition of VKK Group.

Getec and Babcock Wanson Group are pleased to announce that they have agreed to the sale of the VKK Group, a prominent German company renowned for its expertise in industrial boiler technology.

VKK Group, comprising VKK Standardkessel Köthen GmbH, VKK Standardkessel Service Köthen GmbH, VKK Standardkessel Verwaltung Köthen GmbH, Dampferzeuger-Rohrleitungsbau GmbH and PCE GmbH was originally acquired by Getec Group in 2018. Under Getec’s ownership, the boiler manufacturer, with physical presence in Kothen, Duisbourg and Lichtentanne, has undergone significant reorganization, restructuring, and strategic positioning over the past five years, positioning VKK Group as a leading and innovative player in the German industrial boiler market.

Coming from the still famous story of Standardkessel boilers, the group of companies nowadays known as VKK Group, is a specialist in the design, manufacturing and sales of industrial boilers for the energy, food, chemical and other diverse industries. VKK Group also offers to its customers a wide range of services including engineering, installation of turnkey projects, monitoring and maintenance of equipment. The company has developed an expertise in high power boilers that gives it a strong competitive advantage in the industrial boiler market in Germany.

“With the takeover by Babcock Wanson Group, VKK Group will benefit from a strong and highly respected European specialist to pursue its growth trajectory” states Volker Schulz, chairman of the advisory board. “VKK Group can look ahead with optimism and confidence to its next step of development.”

Babcock Wanson Group is pleased to make this strategic move and lay the foundation for its expansion into Germany, being one of the largest market for industrial boilers, leveraging the production site in Kothen and the service site in Duisbourg.

“We are thrilled to welcome VKK Group to our journey of growth,” remarks Cyril Fournier-Montgieux, Chairman of Babcock Wanson Group. “VKK’s stellar reputation and expertise in industrial boilers make it the perfect gateway for our entry into Germany, enabling us to continue supporting our industrial clients in their energy transition and decarbonization efforts.”

The Babcock Wanson Group intends to leverage the expertise of the VKK Group’s management and existing teams to bring to local customers the most energy and cost efficient solutions for their boiler room needs. This acquisition thereof represents a mutually beneficial arrangement, facilitating the integration of VKK’s expertise in high power boilers across all of Babcock Wanson’s European subsidiaries while harnessing its production capabilities. In parallel, VKK will benefit from Babcock Wanson Group’s advanced portfolio of technologies, including Parat’s high-voltage electric boilers, thereby contributing to the decarbonization efforts within the industrial sector.

Supported by its main shareholder, Kartesia, Babcock Wanson Group remains committed to expansion and aims to cement its position as the European leader in decarbonization solutions for industrial processes.