Since July 2021, Kartesia has been the majority shareholder in the Babcock Wanson Group alongside the management and the Region Aquitaine via IRDI/SORITEC. 

Kartesia is an independent and privately-owned European specialist financing small and middle-market companies.


Babcock Wanson Group can rely on a Supervisory Board with a long-term commitment to steering its industrial development, supported by the governing bodies necessary for healthy management of the company, whether with regard to strategy, operations or support.

Together these coordinating bodies, with clearly defined respective responsibilities, provide the framework of the Group, and ensure cohesion in the transversal activities of the company.


The Executive Committee formulates proposals for the Supervisory Board with regard to strategy, development, monitoring and financing of Group activities. The objective is to ensure its profitable growth. The Executive Committee makes operational decisions for the Group in accordance with the decisions of the Supervisory Board and defines the options that Babcock Wanson representatives will support in the daily operation.

The Executive Committee ensures that convergences between the different divisions are optimised at the financial, human, technical and commercial levels. It embodies the values and the mission of Babcock Wanson Group and ensures that the Group identity is respected. It also represents the Group with its institutional and local communities.

The Management Board is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, Operational managers and Corporate function managers.


In addition of the Comex, 3 other committees support the overall strategy and the performance of the group.

Development Committee

The Development Committee defines the policy of the Babcock Wanson Group with regard to development and innovation. It sets the priorities for the coming financial years, ensures proper allocation of resources, and steers the roadmap on Products and Services development, follows up of the implementation of the actions plans and ensures the right positioning of each solution by means of periodic reviews.


Led by the HR Group Director, it sets the priorities in regard of :

  • Human resources needs (current and future)
  • Recruitment action plans
  • Implementation of HR processes,
  • Compensation and benefit
  • Social dialogue

Performance Committee

The Performance Committee ensures that the Babcock Wanson Group objectives are aligned with budget and 5 years plan, and decide of the corrective actions. It also analyses the general trends on each European marketplaces to better allocate effort and resources. This Performance Committee takes place every month.