Ambienta becomes the majority shareholder of Babcock Wanson Group

Ambienta majority shareolder of Babcock Wanson Group

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Operating out of Milan, London, Paris and Munich, Ambienta manages over €3.0bn and focus on investing in private and public companies driven by environmental megatrends and whose products or services improve Resource Efficiency or Pollution Control.

Ambienta was one of the first UN PRI signatories in 2012 and attained B-Corp status in 2019. In 2020, Ambienta became IIGCC member and in 2023, as one of very few asset managers, continued being a positive role model for the industry by committing to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Kartesia, majority shareholder since 2021, and IRDI, a leading asset management company in the south-west of France, will continue to support the group alongside management to consolidate its position as European leader in industrial boiler systems and a key player in the decarbonisation of industrial activities.

Gwenaëlle Le Ho Daguzan, Private Equity Partner – Head of France at Ambienta, commented: “This investment represents a unique opportunity to drive industry decarbonization, a major challenge for all industrial players, which is fully in line with Ambienta’s commitment to environmental sustainability. We are very proud to partner with Kartesia and the management team to support Babcock Wanson in its next growth chapter focused on low-carbon industrial heating solutions”.

Julien Rigon, Partner – Head of France at Kartesia, added: “In partnership with the management team, we have successfully delivered an ambitious growth plan since our first investment in the Group in 2016 and renewed support in 2021, building an undisputed leader in low-carbon industrial heat solutions. We look forward to working with Ambienta, fully confident in the team’s high-value contribution to our common thesis and continuing to support Babcock Wanson in its objective of reducing industry’s carbon footprint across Europe and globally”.

Cyril Fournier-Montgieux, CEO of Babcock Wanson Group, commented: “We are very excited to start working with Ambienta and continue our partnership with Kartesia in this new phase of growth for the Group. After having successfully entered the electric boiler market, we are committed to strengthening our impact on the energy transition and being a leading one-stop-shop provider of sustainable industrial heating solutions. Ambienta’s approach is strongly aligned with this ambition, and we see them as the perfect partners for us”.